Halloween Party

My children were invited to their first Halloween party by their friends so obviously they had to each dress up in their own novelty costume.  I looked around the shops on the internet as the thought of quite a few children trailing after me in the city centre shops just exhausted me as I knew they wouldn’t concentrate on what we were there to do and I didn’t want them bickering with each other!

Surfing online by myself gave me the opportunity to find the right children’s costumes in the correct size for them.  I was amazed at the choice there was on offer, especially in the children department.  I knew my children would be pleased as I could sit them down and give them suggestions what they could dress up as.

They were all very excited so as a group I now had their attention.  As they now had all decided what character they wanted to go the party as we ordered straight away, no one was disappointed all the costumes were in stock so everyone was happy, including me as I just had to wait for the delivery to arrive!

The costumes I purchased was Count Dracula, Witch, Darth Vader and Chubacker (from Star Wars),  Joker, Penguin and Batgirl (from Batman).  I was also able to buy a few accessories like a few wands and wigs just to help a few other parents out too.

This year’s  Halloween party is proving to be very successful so far and all is going to plan without too much stress for us parents!  I’ll certainly know to shop online for our Christmas novelty costumes and for next year’s Halloween party.

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